Shakespeare In The Park

When one doth perchance to partake of Shakespeare in the park

verily he feels himself a rogue…alone…amiss

For ‘tho he hath found himself truly nourish’d by the play…

He is loathe to discover his calamity…

to speak like this.


He mayeth stop at yonder McDonalds on his journey home…

his desire: to order a quaff to quench his thirst

and fie, fie drive away with nothing but his scorn

when the stewed prune behind the counter thinks him accursed.


He, may, perchance, bite his thumb at thee

or call thee a most notable coward…a lowly philistine

He may say, “away you dried neat’s tongue…you three-inch fool”

Forsooth…without knowing what the words he spoke doth mean.


Pray, pardon he, if consum’d he be

to playeth his sweet Alexa ’til the break of dawn,

crying out in discordant harmony…

if music be the food of love

play on…

forsooth play on.


And when he finally retires for the e’en…

ready to woo so into his bed he leaps…

he behold’st the object of his affection,

his fair maiden…

the one he woos…

hath fallen fast asleep!


Fear not, when thy spy yonder person under such a spell!

Strain not the quality of thy mercy..but hark!

Alas, do not think him vile or mad…again fear not…

he is but a knave…


who forgot to leave his Shakespeare in the park.

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One Poem Every Day


Your language demonizes


And delights

Delicious morsels of words

Fly off my tongue

And catapult through my ears

Landing in my welcoming brain

I love your language

It wraps me in its web

Of intertwining word play

The Bard is my savior

Save me from our modern linguistic tradegy

Of abbreviations

And slurs

Take me into the cocoon

Of your beautiful verse.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Third entry of one poem a day! I wrote this on July 31, 2014. It was inspired by my Shakespeare Styles class and how much I love Shakespeare.

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