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Nantes, often known as the most liveable city in Europe is flooded with experiences. Nantes is known for its inventions and creativity which is also visible in its cuisine. French cuisine is mainly dominated of beef and meat but even the vegan or vegetarian trip to Nantes or any other part of France is full of unforgettable experiences. If you are vegan or Vegetarian travelling to Nantes you will experience some of the best delicious vegan and vegetarian traditional French as well as international cuisines and dishes giving a treat to your taste buds. For better experience you can also have a rental car from car4hires and explore the city and its rich flavours at its best. Nantes has an array of good restaurants and cafes with huge number of choices of vegetarian and vegan choices. Some of the best vegetarian restaurants and cafes In Nantes are listed below.

Located in the city centre this restaurant features a nomadic theme. You can both eat and shop here at Pique-Nique Chic. Restaurant has variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer. A salad bar is situated at one corner serving different types of salads. Hot dishes, variety of deserts and most popular yoghurt bar is a must try. You can choose from 30 toppings for your yoghurt.

It is an excellent vegan and vegetarian restaurant located near the city centre of Nantes. Fresh, Organic and local produce and ingredients are used for making dishes at Totum. Cafe features cozy atmosphere and home-like feel but being a small place it is always filled so for better experience book in advance and don’t forget to its organic and natural wines.

It is a perfect read after a good meal place of Nantes. It is a cafe and a bookstore all along. Food served is purely veg and delicious served at very reasonable prices. It is a great place to exchange and share. Having your favourite snack while reading your favourite book is beyond explanation. Local, organic and seasonal cuisines are served here.

Beside these popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants there are many more in Nantes such as Le Petit did, You Bio food and drink, Organic terroirs and many more. When travelling to Nantes food is not an issue whether you are vegetarian vegan or love meat. Nantes has one or the other thing for everyone.

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