Not who they seem!! 2015

                                       Not who they seem             2015   


 when someone comes into your life and makes you smile

those are the ones who would walk that extra mile

 but then there are some who are decietful and unclean

and someday you find out there not who they seem

the ones that will push you away wont tell you why

they've stoped spending time with you and wont ever try

you've treated them like a king but never became there queen

thats when you come to realize there not who they seem

you fell in love with them but they never loved you back

they never wanted love just a friend to jump in the sack

becarefull who you trust when there eyes dont have there gleam

then you'll know what they are and not who they seem














Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because of a relationship i had that went sour and i realized they were decieving me  hope it helps someone realize to never settle for some one unwilling to give you there time or love.


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