secret society

Secret Societies







Secret Societies



A secret language

To overpower many

And to control you!

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Poem of The Illuminati

I don't read the Holy Bible, nor intend too,

but yes I get stressful, I put it in and out,

in bed girls just don't mess with me, sex

with me is their birthday wish!


"I made love to a schizo, but she doesn't

remember and neither do I."


My spirit isn't holy, but I move like God's

ghost in congregations, toast bottles in

the air in the name of Moloch; the host

with the most!


What you want is what I give...stop living

the life you can't live. In societies full of

secrets, you better believe you must chose

the lesser of two evils!


I am one of them! The best of us with

illuminated minds, possessing mind control.

This whole poem is subliminal!

Nothing is minimal when your dealing with

the prince of darkness. Sandman whispers

in your ears when you sleep,

"You belong to me!" he says.

From your dream you never wake!


Eternal sleep is welcomed. Your soul for

fortune and fame; a small price to pay to

have heaven on earth. Weight I carry, but

balanced with a holy toke.


I am my own religion, but don't worship me.

I will only let you drown in front of me, as I


Your savoir I am not! Neither is Jesus...he/

she ever existed! My words are enticing,

sound intriguing to you—


Follow me and we shall get lost together in

a paradise called Eden…

Down to earth—earth is down and over with!

Every day is not the same with constant

changes, different faces in familiar places,

traces of remnants left in scatter for others

to abuse—


I am the devil’s muse! Soulcriticpoet, I am!

‘The’ is not important, like ‘GOD’ or ‘CIA’!

My offense carries into another verse, too

late to reverse the hands of time.


“It is what it is, take it or leave it!”


I dedicate this poem to The Illuminati—

to the life of a Mason partially free;

I’ve yet to pay my fee; no need to sell

your soul for complete control!

my loved ones are dying!

The price for fortune and fame! is not

The Illuminati! Freedom is accepting the



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