#schizophrenia #mental illness #voices

Should I Belive Them

Your mind doesnt feel right

its like your mind is playing

tricks on you

you're seeing things that

are not there, not supposed to be

that no one else can see


yoou hear things

faceless, bodiless,


telling you things

you don't want or

need to hear


you try to concentrate

on importanat things

but the mind seems foggy

like Silent Hill


thinking becomes the same way

you become suspicious

suspicious of others

and their intentions


all this going on

and you forget to do

daily things, daily hygiene

brushing teeth, shower

washing the body

even brushing your hair


your emotions are all over the place

Either they are wild, strong

and inappropriate

or you are numb

and show none at all


you withdraw from

the people who care

because you think they

dont understand

or even believe you


People think you'r efaking it

so you spend more and more

time by yourself

making friends with the

voices in you're head

because besides you

they understand and

believe you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im trying to describe what schizophrenia is like. i have friends who suffer from this and knwo someone who suffers from this and i have spent alot of time with them and noticed these things about them and also fromehat they told me what its like