Really I Am

Im happy for you, 
Really, I am!
Youve been through so much
Been hurt so deep,
And you had a chance at happiness,
And though it took you a while,
You reached out and grabbed it.
And for that, Im happy that you can be happy again.
So why am I upset?
If I had a good answer, i wouldnt have written this
Im glad youll make this girl happy
Im glad you found another reason to keep on going
But when i think about it, 
I think im unhappy..
Because you can be happy again.
I know that makes me terrible, and im sorry,
But since you were unhappy, i could always say,
"Atleast im not as unhappy as he is."
Those tables have been turned.
But you may never know, and i can die hoping you never do.
So unless you find this, I'll put on another mask for you.
Ill play the sad role now, our roles reversed.
But you wont see behind this mask,
You wont know the difference.
Just know,
I'm happy for you,
Really, I am! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Schadenfreude is all i can say to describe how a recent turn of events created this.



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