Hello There!

(Bablefish and cut-up)

Hello there! Yes, this is a letter, for sooner or later we all might walk into this application. Therefore, welcome! I always like it even when I doth protest. Pleasant it is as if to a deliberate attempt sent down looking for you in the eye whilst reading this. I think, Gee Wizz, they is checking it out on their journey through their phone (and it's true!) sending around my spine a shiver of quite well. Plus, is this not proof that you care?
So, feel if you like, to check out my "documents". Here, as in many cases with me, though in no means more than just the slightest, you will find all words of smut as if in many things. Mostly it is pure horse-swoggle. Of course, perhaps you don't care about horse-swoggle and so don't read; I understand. Who wants to read, or likes being asked to listen to and to comment upon, a swoggled horse? And under your own roof to boot! Plus, is it not rather like hearting the absurdist dreams of someone else, when swoggle is passed around like poetry to be read? Glog.
If you do go to all the trouble by reading a couple two versions of masochism or building a fever dream common themes on this or that, it may lead you to believe they are (just) a silly poem, and with severe Bablefish problems to boot! Nor is this not true. For, basically, everything here is chopped so much and so many times so dissimilar, that, as you may have noticed, they could share a belief, and which belief that would be, is seem, the writer am confused. But in real life they are just translation engineered and/or cut-ups of that which I wrote over a year ago or many. All here have been set distorted or apart drifting wrenched, so that they of their originals retain very few familiars; but still, I prefer the way they look. Because this is how I turn up my volume. And here too as mentioned, do you feel smut? Yes you do, but it is heartfelt smut, as good as browsing where the endless fiddling with is an exacting alternative. Is it O.K.? No one knows. I love it too (real and imagined) and I love its life such as it is, though too infrequent it is. Mostly I'm obsessing over it here in this way of endless tinkering.

Anyway, if you here are around by this application, this letter I mayhaps to continually refresh, but probably I will not.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bablefish and broken
So is this it or I can drive too? This is like me too, always with the resistance. Think your eyes are reading this now as it is? Hey, I checked his hands, and the answer is yes, perhaps. And vertebral shook sent shock through this process. If you enjoy sleep I will file it in its appropriate place. This, though I am done under by no more than your amorous Lord, the black horse Swoggle. When not in the swoggle, I read to see who are happy to listen to and in theory, be swoggled under. Not like a stone's birthday. Swoggle poems read the Glog. And have you read of a woman like this but not crazy, having built one of what she wants to do, in the main, this? And by and by, how annoying this page can do to please, as he is. (Is stupid poems and heavy Babelfish rotations to guide this not.) Not real. For by base metals so earnestly do you, by example, take note that he can paints a letter, as he will, between who to puzzle and how to health in translation drivel/cut up and are wrote out more than on par. Meanwhile, in a twist, two points drifting slammed into this. He and they are of left less blame; still, more Human are sample. Is it too went black you sick? You compromise it Spike, visit the free pendulum which, careful you if inhumane, I love love, so low. I disturbed it on its patch

By the now, do you sequence for these letters which should have broken down this week but doesn't?

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