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Broken And Mending

All my days, they are the same
As I sit and wait to feel the pain
Wishing for it to take me
Instead of feeling so empty
To feel this numb and blank inside
Only watching life as if I died
To wander and to never feel
Wishing that these wounds would heal
To be afraid of my own bed
Sleep means trapped within my head
To dream of you means not to sleep
But to awake and lie and weep
My heart is tore beyond repair
And my mind seems to not care
Yet as I lay and wait for pain
A new person fills my brain
Who feels the way I do inside
Who though I need from I hide
Thoughts of them do frequent my
Cold and lost and lonely mind
To think of you seems like a cure
Of all this hurt and things impure
To be near you is like a fire
not of this pain but of desire
Not of things such as lust 
but for someone I can trust
To see your smile and glowing hair
The first to seem to really care
We are both broken that is sure
yet what could be is quite a lure
I don't know where my life should go
My brain would think that it knows
But whatever I should do
My heart thinks it should involve you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My most serious relationship ever was ended by my ex a few months ago and just recently found out that it wasnt because she was stressed and the distance was hard (colleges) but because she was cheating on me. Found someone new and want more than anything to let them in but the trust i have for people is keeping me away. Wrote this to try and get a handle on my situation