#sad but strong #brave

I am strong

I am strong when I am sad,

I am weak when I am mad,

Is there a stronger side to me?

One that I cannot see?

I have given up a part of me,

To seek perfect clarity.

I am at peace,

Not letting my heart decease.


I am strong when I can't stand,

I am weak when I'm a better man.

But who am I to hold a grudge?

To stay quiet and never judge.

I used to live in the background,

but I'm back now.

What does life have in store?

But I know, I will never say nevermore.


I may be weak and crippled,

For the words in my heart are embezzled.

I seek peace in the weak,

And carelessness from strong.

And made these words last long,

For this is my song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this due to very sad and empowering news I just received.

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she sits alone in a silent room

hearing nothing but the sound of her own sobs

the emotions

are suffocating

the tears


one day it will get better

until then she smiles through the hurt

the lies

the anger

appearing impervious to it all she stands

stronger than she knows

smarter than she believes

shatterproof once again