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world=no love

A man walk in a deserted desert land with no plan just lost. Force to make a decision cause the vision he sees through he see nothing not even a something. He ask himself "What is this world becoming". Adjusting to a sinful world but can't amount to it. People love to make him slave in pain for no care but they love to drown in his own despair. Who cares about hurting people. It's not gotta effect us in anyway and if you do your gay doesn't that make since. Lol wow I guess your wrong and taking someone woman and getting into her thong while she singing that nasty song. This man cause bare this man but wishes he was in heaven already and be buried six feet deep to be away from the world. He see the world evil and everywhere he goes people treat him wick cold with the bitter scold appoint him. Away to kill him slowly but he try to stay strong and rise from it but he feel he can only do so much. He questions the matter "why is everyone so cold"? He try to unfold it but he found that these were the people that were labeled as good. He grow confuse saying sure I will and I would died just going for a death ride. He knows people can be fools but he knows he's no better. As he walk on his path everywhere he goes. There is no love. Just how Jesus got crucified that's how he felt. There just no plan for him not even his own family they would deny him in a heartbeat. What a world we live in right. Righteous people doing wrong I call that self righteous. So much hope in his heart but people get jealous so they try to scar it. While people laugh at him beat down and crawling for dear life. They step on his hand to stop saving himself. They grow more angry and mad because he won't give up but don't know his secret and where is he getting his power. The voice scream louder "JUST STOP IT!" they kick alot. He hoping to shine his light cause he knows he's not alone. How cold I know this is just the beginning of the show. How long can this last. I did the math but it's sad because the world is just mad could never be glad to be in a world that just make us crack. He doesn't wanna snap but hoping he can be free one day. He so greatful for his life but he wants to go home to live with the ones that went home earlier his only desire because he knows true peace and love comes up way up from upon ^_^.

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When I sat down on the cement I relized that eveyone around me

had their own little world, or their own things to do or talk about
The wind blows through my hair as I think these thoughts
Everyone has their own happiness....right?
If they do...wheres mine?
I feel so far away from people, and friends

So much to think of

So much to speak of

But who to talk to?

Just silence

and the night

Looking around, I realize the space between them and I

Realizing the silence between us

If only I could speak up

The voices in my head, always making me feel sad

The only friends I have are my demons in my head

These voices

Can't they understand?

These demons

Should I let them even have command?

Wish people could understand

The turmoil I have to withstand

To me

Nothing is much too had

If only

Someone would reach out to me

Then I wouldn't have to shout to be

Heard through these waves

Of noises that I can't even appreciate

Because these demons in my head like to play with me

I realize that I am the one to blame

What if they were to reach out to me?

Could I even tell when they are being nice to me?

Have I gone too far?

To think there's none to talk to me?

This realization

It was too hard to see


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Old poem I did as a kid


Edit: I added more and cleaned it up.


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crying alone

My tears are glogging my pores, deeper and deeper.
With each inhale I get weaker and weaker.
No one sees, because I hide it all inside.
This happy girl no one would think could die.
Each day that I cry
My thoughts keep getting darker.
With no mother around and a non existant father.
I have been happy for so long it is not natural.
Finally I have to say I didn't win the battle.
With all my feeling exploding from this huge bottle,
Who would think I was in trouble?
because only do I cry when I am alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going through poetry I wrote years back and this was one I came across.

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