ode to ringing in your ears

greetings people how do?
had to write a poem to you
people saying not sleeping
and in their ears beeping
its all about frequencies
and how they effect you and me

the positive waves are blinding
like oddball please keep shining
there are also negative ones
to keep you in permanent glum
an earplug in your left ear
will make this unsettled dissapear

the energy were experiencing
high vibration energy bringing
mean we need less food too
gonna sound strange to you
many ways of powering yourself
other than food, sounds like hell

food is simply another addiction
the fatter are the bigger the affliction
there's meditation, qigiong too
all designed to power you
so ditch the breakfast meal
even no lunch will make you feel

lighter and more bouncier too
simply weighs you down: Food
i used to eat every other day
now its 3 meals a week if im lucky
but fitter i have never been
you too: I guarantee

you need less sleep too
4-5 hours is optimum for you
but always pay any sleep debt
then your life will be heaven sent
and also consider a 5 day fast
amazing regeneration power blast
cures type 2 diabetes with no drugs too
could be the start if a new you

and try and find a local spring
this will lead to less suffering
as spring water is ionized
full of positivity, full of life
a better anti-oxidant than OJ
an instant cure for dismay

and if anyone needs some help
leave a message, will ask angels
see what they suggest for you
to boost you and lift any blues
and a happy weekend from me
Daz the Druid, Agent of angels
and purveyor of wizardry

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