Repeat life circles struggle whatever

Pretty Circles

New work.

I wish moments lasted forever but they fade into memories everything's incomplete without these so now I'm making matters happen even faster rolling time like the tides you live you die don't be surprised how people fail and lie to you they always do but hold up flip the mirror is there a difference do what we do time just repeated always wanted and never feeling needed my how it changes common strangers have the answers but you always feared the danger staring into space and the race begins again your life it spins pretty circles turning gravitation pulling always struggle until there's graduation into infinity leaning all abilities when in fact realities Insanity here comes the repetition once again the spin the constant turning like oscillating fans on the ceiling feel the breathing the pulse is beating I keep on weaving in and out my mind to much rewind time to speed the damn pace fuck a struggle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I could have wrote more but I think that would have over done it so I'll write something else now :P