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U. B.

I'm at the point in my life where I'm too old for games. 
Too old to be played,
Made a fool of.
And yet,
I find myself getting played by others,
More than I play with myself. 
That old saying fool me once? 
Yeah I've run over my limit with those.
Three times even.
Different guy every time,
In my mind thinking it won't be the same as all those others.
But it is,
And again I'm back at square one.
It's always the same scenario.
We get close,
You get into me,
And as soon as I'm into you,
You dip.
Just leave.
Like it was a goal to get me in, 
And once I am you abort the mission.  
Damn man. 
And now I'm blaming myself for even letting it go that far,
End up hating you. 
I mean all you had to say was that you were interested in someone else,
That you wanted someone else.
That you had a girlfriend so we could just be friends.
But no.
I don't even get that.
Just the cold shoulder,
The silent treatment.
Leaving me to figure things out on my own.
I guess leaving is easy for some folks.
Wish it was for me. 
I'm tired of this feeling,
And I know in time this too shall pass.
It's just I'm too nice,
Too good of a person.
I'm a big girl who can handle direct rejection.
I just can't stand being lied to.
Those words will forever be attached to your name. 
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