It was 4 in the morning when I got the call, it was a foggy night; the kids were  asleep and everything was so quiet, When I picked up the phone I couldn’t understand a word that he was saying, George Guidice the Secretary of State of the United States., “It destroyed everything, The earthquake destroyed everything, I need you to be in JFK within 2 hours, we’ll pick you up then” I was very shocked about Guidice call, I didn’t know what was happening, it just knew that I had to get to the airport as fast as I could. I gave a kiss to my kids and wife and I headed to the airport, when I arrived there was a whole team waiting for me ready to follow my orders. “We’re very glad you’re here doctor, we really need your help”, they said. As I jumped into the plane they started to explain what was happening. The earthquake in Nepal was just the beginning of the end. Based on a NASA super advanced Seismograph they could see where was going to be the next disaster. When I arrived to Nepal I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, everything was destroyed, thousands of persons without a home, starving or hurt. When I arrived to the base camp the secretary of state was waiting for me, he showed me the seismograph and show me all the damage that had happened in Nepal, 2000 casualties and counting . I started to work and I noticed that the next disaster was going to be in California, when I saw that I called the president of the united states immediately. “We must evacuate everyone” he said, so he called all of the leaders of the United States and starting to make all of the preparations for the evacuation, the only problem was that we didn’t knew how much time do we have until the next disaster. I need to stay in Nepal to keep working from here, we cannot do it from other place. After a few hours we got the call that we were hoping we didn’t get, “It has started” he said, the tsunami in California has started, it was a bigger disaster than it was in Nepal, all of the major cities in California were flooded, a lot of people lost everything, 18,000 casualties and counting, the world could not believe what they were seeing, so many people was dying and we were useless we cannot stopped it, After the tsunami in California the world started to worry and the panic started, people all over the world was breaking into markets to buy food, people were running away from the cities and heading to the country side to find shelter, but it didn’t stopped there, after 6 hours it happened in Cabo then in Argentina, then  in Vietnam, London, Barcelona, Rome, Capri and so it was happening, at nearly the end of the world I figured out something, I found an algorithm that could predict when the next disaster was going to happen, The next place that was going to happen was in New York, when I saw the computer I enter in a state of shock, my family was there, I called the president and told him that my family was in New York, he told me he was going to get them out of there before the next disaster, After a few hours before the Earthquake in New york, the aftershock in Nepal arrived, so I lost all connection with my family, the only computer working in the Whole Country was the one I was using with the seismograph, and then I figured it out, the source of the disasters came from somewhere in Bangladesh so I sent a team to figure out what was causing the disasters, When they got back they brought me a small piece of technology I didn’t know what it was, no one did. When I opened it a flashlight came out of it and the last thing I heard was “Reprogramming planet operation starting in 5,4,3,2,1…”

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Alejandro Fuentes Evelyn Bermeo

The Bear and the Turtle


The sun came out that morning, gradually illuminating leaves of a large tree that was near a river, that river was the reunion spot of all the animals, here they gathered to talk about their day and about how beautiful it was the place where they lived. All animals were very close, but there was a pair of inseparable friends, a bear and a turtle. The whole world was very curious about this friendship, and also they found it kind of funny. They are very different, said the rabbit, the turtle is so boring!, said the bird, but none of this comments mattered for them, they were happy with that friendship. They became friends since the begining, when all of this started, when the huge trees were only small plants and there were no sun or stars in the sky, they were already togheter. Altough they were very different, they mutually support themselves, the bear always defended the small turtle from the other animals whom want to take advantage of her, and the turtle taught the bear how to be more patient and tolerant with everybody else. The creator of the world wanted to make the world peacefull and all the animals should like each other and treat each other like family and brothers just like the turtle and the bear. Animals had to learn to live with each other and protect each other. There was a lion in the community of animals and he was jealous of the great relationship the bear and the turtle had. The lion was lonely and angry all the time and he didn’t like that the turtle and the bear were happy all the time. The lion made a plan to ruin  the friendship between the turtle and the bear. One day the lion approached the happy bear and told him that the small turtle was saying bad things behind his back. At first the bear didn’t believe the arogant lion but after hours and days of trying to convince him the bear got angry and enraged. The bear wanted vengance and went on a hunt for the small turtle. The turtle was happily drinking and swiming in the river when the bear approached him very displeased, sad and angry. The turtle asked him what was going on and without saying anything the bear plunged over the turtle. Right at that moment the turtle was able to get into a conch right by the riverside. The bear tried break the shell but just couldn’t. After hours of trying his claws started to get sharp. The bear and the turtle were never able to get along again. Now the turtles have a big shell around their bodies to protect themselves from big animals like the bear and the lion. And the bears have great sharp claws from scratching them with the turtle shell.

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