right before your eyes! 2015

Right before your eyes 2015


there she stands unsure and scared right before your eyes

she has eyes only for you never for any other guys

she'll wait for you till the end of time till death calls her home

you call her every night so shes never to far from the phone

and you brighten her world like the sun does after a spring rain

just so you know your all she wants and ever will again

you made her feel special and thats a feeling shes never really felt

shes as fragile as a flower is after the snow did melt

so dont push her away cuz shes ready to give you her all

and in case you havent noticed shes right before your eyes

never let her go you will feel and hear her silent cries

all she ever wanted was you willing to give of your time

but instead you push her away and that she knows to well

for in the end shes the one who will be in a living hell

shes never felt like this with any one in her life

and when your not with her it cuts just like a knife

so please dont push her away or she will wonder why

that you cant even see whats right before your eyes




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one cuz im going thru something and needed to let it go hope you like it


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I was wearing a tank top in the desert, and the sun went down

My shoulders were cold.

But he wouldn't put his arms around me.

Instead, he pushed me away.



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