Catch That Bandit!

the way it intertwines

 the definition is lost

in the most inexplicable of fashion

it transcends my notion of notions

i can’t keep up

it moves quicker than i can track

in the blink of an eye it was here

but now off to sea

out in space

the idea escapes

a bandit on the lamb

driving its reward

an upheaval

an unearthing

it could be simple

if not for the lamenting

lay it to rest most expediently 

before the meaning lights the trail

and breathes on its own

kill the manifestation

capture the clarity


take back the power

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I don't understand you.

..how you function as well as you do.














Don't worry.

It will come.

Try harder.














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Surviving; The Ordinary

No dream machine to compose the

subconcious, nor weary to fall in a

deep slumber; numbers vary from

zero to emptiness...


Visions are mutual, reflections under

the sun become my view in every

direction there is only one way; a

compass does no good...


Liberated from cause, prisoner of

reason; a melancholy spirit seeks

no aid as it conformes with the

night and the children of the corn...


Virtue is found in the lips of death,

yet seeks no comfort from its kiss;

a death wish is not necessary...


One by one mankind will fall and

beg for forgiveness; there is no

forgiveness, there is no salvation

from fate and destiny--


Money has no value for a soul that

critics the root of all evil-

Resurrection from the ashes of my

city; rebirth of a Phoenix with wings

of an Archangel torn from Gabriel's

back...Michael laughs, devilishly.


Heaven on earth is Xibalba; the

pearly gates burn in flames of

disobedience; concuvines reside in

the celestial palace of gold,

diamonds, and pearls;


Jesus is tempeted again with a

passion...details are found in the

Book of Enoch; stories by the

SoulKritic, you can label them fables

like the one you just read. 



copyright2013 #soulkritic




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its only a story??

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