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I'm Only Human

Listen as I grow old the Gov's mask slips and expose a past.
I learned so many things that concerns me.
In all honesty this world is breaking apart.
My poetry is picking up the debris.
As each piece is picked I'm making a collage of peace.
Call it a tapestry of love, diversity and tranquility.
Since 97 I been asking questions on a road of illumination.
Yes as I waltz down a deserted road feel my soul leading the way.
It's telling me "You must no longer obey the devious power"
Don't throw me into the fire for my decisions I'm only human.
Who's way of living is living in the truth.
Ignorance is bliss until it dangles me off a roof or cliff.
I was quite frighten to stand up for what's right.
Until I started writing my pages of enlightenment.
Now I'm ready to live and die for what I believe in.
Their false intelligence is incredibly irrelevant.
Can't justify your cruelty to my people.
No I'm not just talking about America.
This whole globe is my family!
Although if you're a contributor in the insanity..
You're nothing but a distant memory of a enemy.
Once who tried to comprise me.
Kill me honestly you'll only slain my body.
My soul will still be here in each word I wrote.
Will be the lair of my ghost.
Plotting his method of touching your hearts.
This is my art and hate me for it sorry.
I'm only human....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kind of thought of this poem in a dream weird feel it just has to be said I'm only human.

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figure it out

Cant really reply to the noise but just react uncontious continuosly and vauge dont judge them just joining the wave eaxctly wat its needed at the despair

Nothing can change the atmoshepere the universe brings hunting for points but its the phazes that controdicts the mind of the unfallen!


Through the cracks

Man should not be perfect.

Man cannot be perfect.

For to be perfect is to be god,

and man is not god.


We may strive for greatness,

to do the impossible and 

to never fail.

But that's what humans do, because

to do the impossible implies it could

not be done before, if 

one is perfect nothing is impossible.


To strive to never fail, suggests 

that one can fail, and 

to the perfect, failing 

is not possible.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hear every now and then people claiming that someones perfect in everyway and all that jazz, well here is me saying why they are not.