Six Little Words

All and nothing

"I didn't think you were coming."

Told me you'd held your eyes to the door,

How deeply did you wish my vision, 

would inwardly soar?


Did disappointment drag,

Till anger burned you instead?

Till you felt you'd fairly waited,

Placing lip's glaze on Fate's head?


Only Patience is a thin veil,

Vainly it obscures and blocks,

And so easily is swept back by,

Sharp ticksa, loud tocksa,


Your six little words,

Told more than you'd show,

How that night I became

'No-one' you'd know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Borrowed the idea from Irish of adding a to the end of a word for emphasis incase you are wondering

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It’s selected off the store shelf.

It brings security and joy.

It takes its place among the family…

when it becomes a child’s toy.


And immediately they both feel it…

a bond of happiness…and joy.

And for a while they’re inseparable…

the child…and the toy.


But a child grows up…a toy does not,

and though it seems unkind,

a child finds other things to love,

and leaves the toy behind.


But the toy is ever vigilant,

it waits patiently night and day,

for one more moment with the child…

one more chance to play.


And every now and then the toy is picked up,

“I miss you!” the child concedes.

and the toy once again feels joy…

for that’s all it ever needs.


And so I wonder:


When we want to learn of patience,

of dedication, love and joy…

perhaps we need to look no further 


than on the face of a child’s toy.

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