pain sorrow sad struggle life angry scars love hurt heart break pain darkness fall apart secrets

how long has it been

taken away

taken again

how long has it been

my dear old friend

one year ago

you held my heart

now look where we are

its all torn apart

so ill ask again

how long has it been

since i felt alive

having that flame

set in in my eyes

so now i come to ask

how long has it been

my dear old friend

have you finaly come to an end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just felt like writing this. to get it off my chest. now the ache is gone. i hope you enjoy this poem it is my first. 

i fall apart

and once again i fall apart
into a hole with endless scars
until the day i become one
This path i'm on is not done

and so be it if my decisions cause confusion
sometimes your detailed opinions are an intrusion
cast away the negative thoughts
be happy for once that it's me he sought

so in the dark room i lay in pain
it's his love that i have gained
whatever words we may exchange
come what may i will not change.

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