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'' To Live This Existence ''


As you race your cars,

Write your memoirs,

Ask yourself what’s all the fuss,

Spending billions on trips to the stars,

Why should you care about us?


Who really cares,

We’re not millionaires,

While you the minority thrive,

Why even bother about our affairs?

After all we are barely alive.


A Da Vinci cloth,

Makes the rich froth,

Millions for what might be his painting?

A plate of broth,

From those guilty of sloth,

Would prevent the starving from fainting.


It’s a bitter taste,

All that wanton waste,

Which would keep us alive for years,

It is with poison your morals are laced,

It’s enough to bring us to tears.


The civilised one,

Is rarely done,

Boasting of how they help others,

Truth is for us of sympathy there’s none,

We’re not classed as sisters and brothers.


The world is blind,

To all of our kind,

Those better off are in a state of denial,

Ignorance isn’t bliss is how you’ll be defined,

One day you’ll all be on trial.


Dying of thirst,

While the weak are nursed,

You continue your opulent ways,

While we starve, you make sure you come first,

We are nearing the end of our days.


Think how you’d feel,

If you had no meal,

In essence starving to death,

No water to drink a daily ordeal,

Watching your children face death.


This is happening now,

Please make it your vow,

To no longer put up any resistance,

Look at our plight how could you allow,

Fellow humans,


‘’ To Live This Existence ‘’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One per cent of the people on this planet who just happen to be billionaires many times over control the other 99% who make them rich.

Something's not right?

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Curious Natures

Stoned Sour

Curious Natures
In a more weak world the most aggressive advantages 
don't always deal in what is referred to as "fair consequence."
Being an empire built of sharks, snakes, wolves, and rats-the most basic of beasts-
we really understand the most prehistoric philosophy: survival.
Using it as the first building blocks and the cracked foundation for this society.

Still, one must always reserve all judgements for the most lucrative habits that surprised all by opening up a vast spectrum of the most curious natures. 
Leaving any who wander vulnerable to grow into a legendary victim or a menace to the community. 
Often being left with a life of never being able to escape their never ending abnormal minds. 

It has been speculated as well as documented, that these street racing thoughts are more than fast to attach themselves to a mythical beast more commonly known as a "mortal"  who will lose all balance and footing as they unknowingly grasp both reality and fantasy with white knuckled fists.
Stuck in this forced upon reverie of insane clarity that consumes both the mind and soul. 
Becoming vessels for the sins of others, as they are suddenly privy to the most awarding secrets and gilded griefs they could never begin to understand.
Belonging to the most wildly havoc notorious murdering confidences.
While the rest of us, close our eyes and frequently feign sleep.
All the while refusing responsibility for each other, denying a hostile yet unmistakable sign that declares the biggest secret of all: THE TRUTH.
Told in the most intimate, consuming, quivering, thundering, vibrations being smothered in a explosion that was meant for "We the People" as it projects a plethora of colours on a always changing horizon.    





We are not

As our hearts

Burn in desire

For gold

And all shiny


That buys you expensive toys

But not time

On this world

In this life

Of one time solutions

For all problems

While we seek

For immortality

Chasing ghosts

From past

Finding comfort

In chemicals

Unaware of our


Thin as glass

As leaf on wind



Drive us to the edge

Of possible


No I won’t tell you

Wait and see


For yourself

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