Old Family




a word to describe happiness

a label for an experience

but what does fun really mean

in retrospect, the constant trouble of “Fun”

“only once” they say

but that once always leads to a twice, then a third,

and so on

they all say its fun

all right

but what happens when high school is over,

fun ends, you're a grown up,

shoved into the cruel real world,

burdened with a baby and a father who left instantly

all you were used to was fun

but now all that fun screwed you over

you were supposed to be learning,

you were experimenting

you were supposed to go to college,

but addiction and a baby put a stop to that

now you live in a rundown apartment

surviving off of WIC and food stamps

so all that fun ends up with being blind sided by the real world

so maybe in high school you can have fun, a bit

but don't let it ruin you

sometimes  FUN needs to be a NUF.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I picture my Moms life before sh had me. And before she met my abusive father.

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