nocturnal people

Midnight Sun on Hollywood Blvd

Strange people walking on the Boulevard,
dilated people with 1001 thoughts running
through their mind.
Tongues speak faster than the heart-
Women of the night turning tricks inside
Hollywood bungalows; no more little girls.
A clown smiles for a dollar...Gypsies reading
cards; fascinating the crowd, a big round of
applause..."Keep walking, the night has just
The wicked stand on the street corners;
laughing to themselves...
A runaway bride in her gown running down
the sidewalk; two blocks away a desperate
soon to be husband is asking, "Have you
seen my wife?"
She's in the alley loving me two times plus
one more...we have time!
Smoke a marijuana cigarette with her; she
says she's going to be faithful now and love
her man.
Fools in love make Hollywood Boulevard a
romantic getaway; arrive with a passion
, leave with hate, sorrow, and a broken
heart. I laugh at them, and play them the
L.A. Women are the best! On the corner of
Hollywood Boulevard and El Centro Avenue
pussies congregate; dogs in heat sniffing
away!! The scent of perfume hides the
stench of sex.
I keep my eyes on the road, my cock in my
pants..."No, you can't blow me for twenty
dollars." Boulevard pussies sweating,
gyrating; a cool night under the midnight
sun, a mota-vated mind in cloud nine.
All my worries I leave on the Boulevard,
every face has a story to be read through
their eyes; most walk with their eyes shut
and minds wide awake. During the witching
hour everything comes with a price, including
directions to go back home;
the alleys become their haven; homeless...
Gun shots, street sweeper sirens, an
ambulance rushes to the scene...
Another normal night on Hollywood Blvd.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People are strange in every Boulevard!

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