Many World Theory

There's an interesting hypothesis that i've loved for a long time

From comic books to science shows, let me explain the many world theory

It states that there's an infinite number of worlds and hence an infinite number of you

Each may be exactly the same, a slight variation or widely diverse from yourself

Every mistake, wrong decision or faux pas made either never happened, was exactly the same or is much more worse

You could be anybody or a nobody

You've seen it all or you're just being born

You've  known the harshness of war and lived the in the lap of luxury

You've helped countless lives and you're destroyed just as much

You're living and you're being mourned

As amazing as this theory is. It makes me think that instead of fantasizing about lives not lived and objectives not accomplished

I'm alive right here and right now so whats stopping me?

I am. 

Stop thinking what might be and start accomplishing what should be

The greatest and scariest thing about the future is that it is unknown

Good or bad? Flip the coin and decide the outcome


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