When I was young and asked the question why is the ocean blue?

There was a simple answer…one everybody knew.


The way the water filters the spectrum of sunlight holds the key…

the red colors are absorbed…while the blues are the ones we see.


I didn’t realize how essential the oceans were back then…how vital for all life too…

I only knew there was a lot of water, it was fun to swim in…it was salty…and it was blue.


Now I know we need the oceans to live…it’s a certainty that we do!

But here’s something else that I have learned…the oceans needs us too.


They need us to stop polluting, stop overfishing…stop causing them so much distress.

They need us to help replenish them 

so they can go back to doing what they do best…


Sustaining life for a host of diverse creatures that inhabit the ocean blue

and while they’re at it sustaining life for all the people on Earth too…


I’ve learned the oceans are sad because they’re dying…and they have a story to tell

that if we succeed in killing them…we’ll be killing ourselves as well… 


Now that I’m older I know the answer to the question is not a simple one…

but one I wish everybody knew

It’s also how we’re mistreating them everyday…


that makes the oceans blue.

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We are blessed to walk in nature where everyday her routine unfolds before our eyes

but every now and then we’re blessed when she gives us a surprise.


Each morning like clockwork thousands of crows set forth

crossing the sky just above us…as they head out south to north..


We usually hear them before we see them…in loud gatherings they fly

calling out to one another as they nonchalantly flutter by.


Today a strong wind was blowing which meant those intelligent crows

with an understanding of aerodynamics…would be flying rather low…


We watched them skimming neath the wind almost touching the water…

or just above the ground

and were amazed how this line of normally boisterous crows…never made a sound.


We could hear ropes hitting masts of ships in the marina 

sounds the wind makes when she blows.

We could hear the waves crash upon the shore…

but we never heard the crows.


And when the crows are silent…when they’re as quiet as a kite

We are treated, in that silence, to the beauty of their flight.


Flying and talking to one another…the beauty of their harmony flows

but there is also quiet beauty in the silence of the crows.


Some of nature’s beauty is in her routines…

her nightly sunsets and daily sunrises

but every now and then she reminds us…


there is beauty in her surprises.

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It’s passed down from generation to generation

and though it might seem simple to you and me

their is a knowledge

a method

a spiritualness

an artistry to climbing a tree.


When you find a tree you’d like to climb…you must pause…

as part of the tradition

pause to give thanks for this tree and to quietly ask permission.


For though you are happy to have found a tree that, for climbing, now befits you

you must wait for an answer from the tree…

it is the tree who must permit you.


If there is a nest in the top or it’s branches are to weak 

the tree will tell you now is bad timing

and ask you to come back when the nest is unoccupied

or its branches are more suitable for climbing.


But when you find a tree that is willing

when a tree lets you know it is time

you ascend to the top without effort

as the branches seem to assist in your climb.


And it’s just as important when you’ve finished

when the tree gently sets you back down

to again thank the tree for it’s generosity

the minute your feet hit the ground.


Yes, it seems when it comes to climbing a tree

what’s important is the spiritualness you exude…

It has less to do with your ability to climb

and more with your kindness and your gratitude…


It’s been passed down from generation to generation

and in each generation there comes a time…

when they realize the same magic that works for climbing a tree…


works for whatever in life they might climb.

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Plants make food and medicine from light and water and give them both away

still humans think we know it all 

that we’re superior in every way…


But when I see how often humans take from the land while giving nothing in return…

it makes me wonder

plants or humans….


which one of us has more to learn? 

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I love spending time in nature…where surprises are second to none.

Today I watched a little bird anticipate the rising of the sun…


I watched the ocean in the morning intimidate and harass

only to calm down in the afternoon and shimmer…just like glass.


I watched a variety of birds jogging back and forth along the shore.

I followed a flock of white pelicans…as overhead they soared.


I watched mullets jumping out of the water…arcing high and feeling free.

I watched a cool breeze wind it’s way through the trees and find it’s way to me.


I played for hours in the ocean with the grandchildren…

until wrinkles formed on our fingertips

We felt the wet sand fall through our fingers and tasted salt water on our lips.


I watched the light of a fading day ride the ocean’s waves onto the sand.

I watched the clouds absorb the evening sun in colors bright and grand.


And as I watched a little bird anticipate the sun about to set…

I thought of all the beauty in nature…but it wasn’t over yet…


For as I said goodbye to another day…lamenting how it ended much too soon


I looked up into the darkness and was greeted by the moon.

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Sometimes I wonder about nature’s mysteries… 

how there is so much I can’t explain?

Like why the sand dunes can be heard to sing

or how flowers anticipate the rain.


Like how the sun rises to greet the day

and how at night it bids adieu.

Like how there is a rhythm to the waves

or how the sky epitomizes blue. 


Like how a stream can talk to you.

Like how dew drops nestle in the grasses.

Like how clouds can change right before our eyes 

or how leaves shiver as a cool breeze passes.


Like how life can flourish in the most unlikely places.

Like how the ocean can be so wide.

Like the boisterous sound of crows in flight

or the silence of a pelican’s glide.


Like the sheer force of thunder and lightning

as they announce a summer squall.

Like how a rainbow stretches across the sky.

Like the the wonder of a waterfall…


But then again when I stop to think about it 

I don’t really want to know

what makes the flowers smile

what makes the cool winds blow


because as I look around me…

as out on nature my eyes gaze

I don’t want to know her secrets….


I prefer to be amazed.



Was she mistaken for a flower…

a daffodil…a rose?

What other reason would a butterfly have


to land upon her nose? 

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He loved to sit in the shade of his tree

for years that is what he would do…

never for a moment giving much thought


to how how the tree was loving it too.

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They were silent when they reached the sea

with the birth of a new day…

some mornings ensure the quietude


when they take your breath away.

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