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First tune

First tune


My first tune was terrible

Full of noises

And harsh sounds

I took it with rhythm

On 250 beats per minute

Throw some samples in

Didn’t remaster it

I thought it was crap

But didn’t care much

I uploaded tune on

Soundcloud account

And put it in

Some groups

Weeks passed

In that time I

Played with

Fruity Loops and


But nothing too much

And nothing too serious

I decided to go to

Soundcloud profile

Just to peek

And I was amazed

It had few dozens

Of listening

And few comments

Mostly how the tune

Is boring and crappy

But there was

This one comment

One DJ told me

That this was

Funny try of

Terror core

But it was ok

And to keep on

Next my tune in

This genre

Was listened over

1000 times and

Downloaded over

200 times

Hey it is still

Underground but

I got the touch