mud puddle

Puddle Of Mud

Nature / Folder 1




The bridge was small,

Just two lanes,

It swayed as I drove,

And as I drove,

The bridge got smaller

And smaller,

And as the bridge got smaller,

I was getting bigger,

And bigger,

And bigger,

And then it started to rain,

The clouds became dark,

And it began to thunder so loud,

I felt the thunder in my gut,

And I felt fear swallowing me,

Like a shark,

I couldn't control it,

The sky closed down on me

And the weight of my car crushing my bones,

But I tried to scream for help,

And no sound came forth,

I decided I was dying,

And opened my eyes to see my maker,

Only to see my shoe in a huge mud puddle,

And then I woke up.






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