#mourning #loss #death #a lover’s pain

In Your Silence I Hear

Romance Languages

I see your pride and know you hide your pain.

You self-sedate and chase the numbing dreams.

You sway ever so slightly in the soul’s opiates.

It’s dangerous but I know you‘ll be fine eventually.  


It hurts to watch you waste away your time,

Using it to hide from suffering.

I turn away, trying to hide my eyes,

I gently try to forgive the little things.


You pull away and keep a distance now.

It’s probably to protect one of us somehow.  

I stay here, respecting the sanctity of the space.

Your return is worth waiting for, if you return.


I’m missing something humans have that makes a good companion.

I don’t know what it is, but I am easy to abandon.

I‘m waiting patiently to see if you come back to me.

I wouldn’t normally be this easy, but you evoke this side of me.


Once upon a decade ago I stood where you are now,

You sweetheart, I will give you every cushion for your fall,

Your petty sins you commit today are nothing

To my Devil’s battles and bargains amidst that harrowing.


If I can atone for the writhing Death within me,

I will gently bolster your placid return to the living.  

I will clean up the messes and dust off the photos

And assume the tears fall only when I’m not around.  


And I won’t mention it.