Motivational poems

Be like a River

Life is a interwining sea of multiple descions 

they splinter off even more to consequences and repercussions

Imagine a meandering river with its many tributaries that seem to go on and on

Eventually all tributaries lead into an ocean

All of their little streams and independent paths

They have a definite start

But eventually they coalesce into a coherent mass

so too with our many individual goals and aspirations

we all contribute to the legacy of humanity with our machinations


when haunted by self doubts, indescion and lamentations 

think about the river flows on and finds the path of least resistance 

so life goes on

and you find the path of least resistance with some assistance

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It's good to move on but you'll get hurt first

It's fine to have fun and know that sometimes you'll thirst for that fun and not find it

It's swell to love long

but others are too busy focusing on love long lost

It's a dream to stand on your own two feet not anchored by the problems of the world

but a seamless life like that is a dream, and what do you do when the dream ends,you wake up and realize reality is soured?

and you realize that all is not as it seems

You'll fight for your dreams


We aren't elevated above our problems but it does not mean we'll let them pull us down

A perfect monotonous world would be boring sad and bleak

we are intuitive, naturally there is more to life, we know it and so we seek

We seek so we get hurt but we learn and once agan we seek

You never know how strong you truly are 

Until you're left with no option option after a disaster

The same thing shouldn't hurt as much twice

Get up, shake the dust off and smile, smile through the pain even if it makes you wince

Despair not what doesn't have any physical and substantial proof

Do not cower over what cannot be seen or heard

Fear of the unknown is something you should dread

So tell life to bring it's worst and take it until you're worse for wear

Do this because when it's all over and you rise up(you will) 

You'll be failure's own worst fear


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Little is the time I have

Little is the time I have
The time I have to spend in life
Little is the time I have
To work, to love, to think and to strive

The time to build my castle in spain
The time to reduce my struggle and pain,
The time to act and the time to abstain

Little is the time I have
The time I have to be bold and brave
Little is the time I have
The time I have to spend in the grave

The time I have to wish I stay
The time I have to stand and pray
In my own special and simple way

Little is the time I own
The time to call a place my home,
The time to sit and think alone

Little is the time I have
The time I have to praise and serve
The time I have to rest my nerve
And the time I have to spend with my wife...

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