Morning View

Misty fog surrounds the trees

I wrap my shawl tighter around

Blocking the cold drafts surrounding me

I can see the men wrapped in shawls wearing lungees

Their heads wrapped in cotton scarves

Huddled closely around a fire nearby


Rickshaws pass by ringing their bells loudly

Dogs bark at street noises and a kitty wanders in

Under the gate

In the distance the wail of a train's horn and

Cars beeping as they go this way and that

Plowing through the streets

 To their destinations in various parts of the city


The clouds shifting back and forth

The mist of the fog melting away  to

A glimmer of the sun peaking through

Giving promise to a beautiful day ahead

Green, golden and beautiful

Breaks the dawn in Bangladesh

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Greetings to all from my corner of the world.