more than

More Than



You are all so much more

Than a name on a list,

You are moonbeams,

And roses,

And blue skies so sunkissed,

Your words like the honey

That sweetens my tea,

Oh, dear post poems friends,

Don't be upset with me.


I'm here for your poetry,

To share mine with you,

Exchange thoughts and insights,

An aspiration or two,

And what I would say in an email so true,

I can say in a post, and be open with you.


I admire you all for your talent and verse

But the spamming hurts some post poem friends like a curse,

So know I will honor your poetic words,

But I don't wish you spammed

Like a hunted wild bird.


What made my decision,

Has nothing to do,

With anyone else but the nature of you,

You're uniquely exquisite,

A gem,

The very stars from above!

And friendships aren't made from lists,

They are made...

From love.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

What it boils down to is that I don't have to email you or put you on a list to share what I am here to enjoy and learn from. 



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