#Morbidly #Nonplussed #lettinggo #givingup #numb #Numbness

Morbidly Nonplussed in the original sense.

Numb. Lost. Depleted.

Hollow victories pile themselves around me

The casualties strewn across my hopes 

I am one of them 

Dead eyes watch eager crows picking

I can't see anything but the end. 

There's no struggle left in these veins

I wonder of the phoenix 

So often pulling my soul back from the ether 

No where...

Still I watch from the corners of my eyes

For her blazing beauty

Even knowing my unworthiness 

I catch a beat of hope

Only to watch it fade

through milky coalgulations 

The Stiffening crawls 

I wait, 

Steeling myself for the impending darkness 


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