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Living Rigormortis

I know this is a conditions that the body goes through during death.
But rigormortis is taking it's first steps in the realms of the living.
Plaguing kind hearted individuals with the root of all evil.
Turning their hearts rock solid and they go out and produce violence.
Crime rate getting higher and higher and rigormortis reach its pinnacle of power.
Turning society into a concrete jungle ruining the urban youth.
Kids fed up with teachers and vandalized the schools.
What is the rigormortis's fuel? money is the object of interest.
Because the level of threat it presented back when I was a baby in the 90's.
Kids dying to be a Rockefeller however money wasn't working alone in this terror.
Drugs named crack and cocaine was a helping hand in disbanding families and friends.
Bringing unity in my community to a heinous ending.
Drugs being sold and stolen from my friend's apartment building.
Him and I heard about the killings that gave us chills down our spines.
Witness genocide in a first person view it hurts me too!
I'm seeing earth going through rigormortis this planet getting harder than the rocks in orbit.
Rigormortis leave my people alone and bring back peace to the kid's homes.
And for the ones getting caught in the cross fire stay strong!
During our continuous fight against rigormortis and let's move forward with humanity's soldiers to make the living rigormortis's devastation to be finally over.

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As a child I was afraid of the dark 
Afraid of the ugly monster hiding underneath my bed 
Afraid that it will drag me down and devour me 
But as I grew I changed 
I no longer feared the dark 
Or the ugly monster 
Aware that there were no monsters 
Aware that the darkness can do no harm to me 
Or were there really no monster? 
Is the darkness truly harmless? 
We no longer fear the dark or ugly monster 
Because it became part of us 
When we finally become aware of this fact we panic 
And seal that ugly monster deep inside of us 
We vow to let no one know about this 
And cover ourselves in covers of gold 
But some are aware of our monsters 
We call people who know only our good side a colleague 
We call people who are aware of our monster a friend 
We call people who have seen our monster a parent 
We call people who have seen our monster and fought with it a best friend 
But we know we can never show the monster to other people 
Even our best friends will run when they see how hideous our monsters can be 
It is a curse that we must carry 
Thus life is a battle to subdue this monster 
And pray that the curse will end in my line 
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow was is and will be 
A continuation of battle against this monster

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