terrible twosome


driving home after a 10 hour shift,


I thought, I'd steam those chicken breasts


on the counter I left,


I had placed them way back


so the mongrel not be tempted,


skinless and deboned,


from most prep, I'd be exempt.



I walked in the door a fine greeting as always,


and then looking a bit more around,


one vacuum sealed wrapper,


lay in the corner of the den,


a fast wagging tail,


and a smile,


and then---






I said, "Morpheus, what did you do here last night??!"


"I put them way back on the counter just right!"


and he sheepishly lay down for a belly rub,


I said, "Oh you think so? Oh no,


what you should get is the tub!"



I thought to myself,


"He can't reach that far back on the counter----"


and then, with shocking surprise,


came an uncontrollable grin,


 there's only one possibility,


which is that Muffin and him


had conspired in play,


amusing themselves,


very well, I might say.



that's the last time I'll leave food on the counter to thaw,


I hope he doesn't get sick,


...after all,


it was raw!



he hid back in the hallway, 


like he does when I'm mad,


but how could I tell him he's no good,


or "bad"?



the two of them, a team,


cause I've seen her do it before,


she'll push things with her paws til they fall on the floor,


just to watch what he does with them,


a game that she plays,


I know my luck has ran out


to change these mischievious ways!!!!








Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story....good nite.

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