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What is Life?
The Meaning of life can’t be explained or proven
It can only be derived from what we know as humans
To me it can be meaningless
But to you it can be all there is to know
Life is unfortunately taken for granted by many 
As humans we can only do so much to alter what others do
But those who do the most will remembered until the end of days 
Therefore think before you act 
And act to make a stand for futures pass
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I took some time from my day and wondered to my self if there was an exact definition of what life really is.

We are

The mind sprawls

It crawls


Every corner, every stitch,

Through all the tears, the soggy mist


You look at your reflection as the truth becomes clear,

You are nothing but a lost soul looking for what's near


But what is near, is never really close

For the peace you seek, is always disclosed


Distance never plays a role,

In the agony of it all


You are nothing but a mind,

Waiting for the fall


You are nothing but dirt, 

With a plastered face


We are nothing but humans,

Searching for more than there is

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