Memories Sounds Echoes Void Silence


It is void,

The abscence,

The sound of 

Absolute zero,

Of nothingness.


It clamors in my ears, 

Pounds through my head,

Rattles into my bones

For it's attention.

It makes me notice it,

Acknowledge it's existence.


The reverberating echo

Of all that is not

Digs it's icy claws

Into my soul and demands

For me to love it.


I cannot stand the silence,

But my own voice has fallen, 

Lost in the sands of time

That vanish into the winds

Of change, rustling through

Windchimes that make

Not a single sound

But their movement is seen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Half-asleep currently, but this decided it had to be written before I went to bed.