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Special person

One sunny Sunday in May, I received a text from a special person.

And since then, I knew this is not going to be the last text from this special person.

I will never forget the first day we met each other, my heart was beating so fast like no other.

And there he was, standing at his door step, giving me his biggest smile he ever had.

Oh that special smile.

It was a day I will never forget. Here is why now I feel regret.

I laid on his chest, reading out the special poem I wrote, every single word I wrote I meant.

And there he asked me a very special little question, and I answered with a very special answer.

From then on, two became one but I wish it lasted longer.

I wish I can turn the clock back, and relive those special moment.

As time goes by, when all those chasing was over, he no longer feels the need to become one.

My presence was annoying, his feelings for me was changing.

One chilly Tuesday in September, I received a text from that special person.

And since then, I knew this could be the last special text from this special person.

I thought I gave him everything he wanted, but I was a fool thinking that’s what he wanted.

He wanted space, he wanted freedom, he wanted no commitment.

My heart sunk, everything he told me before suddenly meant nothing, I told myself he must only be drunk.

But when reality hits, I know all he said he meant, and nothing can change his mind no matter how hard I try.

Those were my darkest days, to be string along believing there was still a chance.

To still be smiling even I knew he chose to be with another girl instead of being with me on his birthday.

Oh my special person, why do you have to hurt me so bad?

I wish I know what you were thinking. I wish I know what changed your mind.

May be then I could make things right and be your special person again.

Oh my special person.

I still love you so.

I may be a fool….I wish you will at least say: but you are my fool!

I am willing to start again, I just need you to ask me the special question once again.

Until then, I will carry on being a fool, but not your fool.

Loving you until you found the person you finally decided to love

and I hope, that can be me again.

My special person.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the hurt, the pain in the last 3 one will understand how painful it was, and it is still painful now.....

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