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The Star That Changed Their Lives


    One day, with nothing else to do, the Gods started playing with the stars. They were throwing them around and laughing all the while. However, one of the Gods wasn’t very good and dropped a star upon the earth and from there on, life was not the same. 

The land started to break apart and drift away. Mountains changed their shape and the weather cycle lost its balance. 

Out of the rubble of this new world two small creatures, a raccoon and a beaver, found each other. 

Their meeting went like this. The raccoon, which was happily ruining through the forest, found the beaver looking at the remains of what once was his great dam. 

‘Hi there!’ greets the raccoon. 

‘Hello’ says the beaver in a brittle voice. 

‘What a beautiful day it is!’ exclaims the raccoon.

‘What is so beautiful about it?’ asks the beaver. ‘My dam has been destroyed and everything around me has changed’ 

‘My house was too destroyed, but can’t you see the sky? It’s the most astonishing thing I’ve seen in my entire life; the colors are just so beautiful and bright!

‘This is a catastrophe! The sky is as ugly as it’s always been. The trees are dead and the ground is so much different from what I like!’ 

‘I like it’ says the raccoon. ‘I think not all trees are dead and finding them will be a whole new adventure for all of us, this has been a gift from the creators, a chance to start anew, a world where we can all start from scratch and rebuild our homes into something greater, a place where we can all live together and enjoy life’

‘I don’t believe in this new world you speak of, this has been a curse by the creators, you’ll see. Just like my dam, we will also be destroyed! Oh how misfortune curses us! This is the end of the world, I tell you’

‘You don’t have to see it like that, you know. Even if it is the end, we can make it an adventure’ says the raccoon. ‘Come with me and together we can find more like us, we can start over and move forward, we will rebuild our beloved woods and start anew”

‘What’s the point?’ asks the beaver. ‘I better stay here and wait for it to end.’

‘Well, as you wish, I’m off to find new places and adventures” said the raccoon. ‘See you later!’

And so, with a smile and big dreams on his mind, the raccoon left for his new world. The beaver, still heed back on his thoughts of the old world, made a big sigh gesture and waited for the end.


Written by Mario and Ana Lucero


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You are a Star

Remember ever,

You are a star,

Since you were born,

To make others smile, not to mourn.



Blessed you are,

A living wonder!

Master of everything,

A King.


You have a duty sacred,

To inspire, to spread,

Your work and knowledge,

To be followed in each age and to acknowledge.


Like a saint you move on,

With the celestial illumination thereupon,

To glow yourself and enlighten,

Myriad others time and again.


The whole world sooner or later,

Shall bow before your persona greater,

Before your image mountainous,


And that certain moment is not far thus.

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Star's brigthened your eyes.

Star's are like a million fireflies.

Star's make you feel great.

Star's look's whe it's late.

Star's are dream's in you head.

Star's are sparling at night's sleep on your bed.

Star's are halo's above you head.

Star's make's you brave not scared.

Star's are fireworks in your heart.

Star's make's you wanna reatart.

Star's brithened's your way.

You'll miss it when it's gone in the day.

Star's are angel's guiding you.

Star make's you brand new.

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