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Best Friend

I need you

And you need me

I'm glad I'm special to you

With you my attachment grew


Sunny day

Staying out late

You'll never hate

You're personality is great


Yes we argue

Yes we bend

Yes we wend

But you're my best friend


Greatful for you more than anything

I never want to lose you

Even thinking about it

Makes me sad more than I use to


We're not perfect

But I envy you

You have friends

But our friendship wont end


Understanding and compassionate

Funny and adequate

You mean a lot to me

I'm sure you can agree


You're my best friend

You're my only hope

You're all I have left

It's true

I love you the most

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my best friend, Tyson. I love you

What is the Soul of your Matter

Out from the center will our lives unfold, either lacking in wonder or forever gracious and bold. A shoulder for the hurting, a hand up for the down. Direction for the lost, a kind word for a frown. Through actions or deeds will others be told, "What makes up the matter at the center of our souls".


May you always leave the people you meet in life better than when you first met them.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The soul of the matter, love*hope*frienship*loyalty*ambition*motivation*desire*teaching*sharing*caring*dreaming*living.   W.R.F.  2010

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You'll be fine


Don't cry because everything will be fine.

The sky wont stop being blue,

The sun wont stop rising 

and the moon wont stop glowing.

It may be raining and

it may end up snowing,

and at its worse it will all start hailing.

But the ice and snow will melt,

the water will wash away

and make room for the plants and trees to grow.

Things may look bad, and you might be scared, 

and thats ok, Hold on to someone if you must. 

But remember that things always get better,

And everything, will be fine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To anyone who has ever been scared.

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