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Stars are Still There

 The stars are close by,

In the breast of the sky,

Even if the moon,

To respite fleetingly moves on.


The stars don’t run off,

Since they love,

To see you,

As the kids stare at the books new.


They get angry on occasion,

At the sun,

Since unable you are,

To have a chat with each star!


The stars are ever busy,

To execute the duty,

Of reaching you during night,

And kissing you through their light.


The stars smile more in joy,

Since you do enjoy,

Their company,


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Late night wonderings

Sometimes I wonder,

If the stars ever lie down and look at  us on the ground,
And ponder their love, or their fate, or the future 
Before they burst into flames.
Sometimes I wonder,
If cats really do have nine lives,
And how sad it must be for goldfish with a three second memory
Before their lives stop 
If I had nine lives,
or three seconds, 
before I burst like a brilliant star,
I'd spend every 
          with you. 
Sometimes I wonder,
if you would spend them
with me,
 But I am too afraid to ask,
And know the answer.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Literally my first poem so any feedback is grateful!

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