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Your Smile is Paradise

I can proudly say,

A paradise spreads its ray,

Each time you like Vinci's Monalisa smile on,

All my sadness is bound to be gone.


I miss the way you look at me,

That none but I can see,

Your presence is synonymous with bliss,

That makes me long for a kiss.


Yes 'my dear' your smile brings paradise to me,

It’s something that has the coolness of the vast sea.

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When I first laid eyes on you.

When I first laid eyes on you. My heart jumped straight out of my chest and ran for your smile. Your eyes made me fall like the twin towers on 9/11. I think I've seen you somewhere in my dreams before. 

You are a book I want to read front to back. 

I want to bend down my favorite pages and memorize the words.


Your voice was like a fucking parasite inside of my head. 

I played how in the fuck I would make you mine again and again and again in my thoughts.


Hello, you are beautiful. 

I am nothing. 

I think I need you. 

I see the next sixty years of my life in your eyes. 

I apologize. That’s not a way to win a beautiful mind like yours.

Hi, I think I love you. No god damn it. You make the room spin. 

I think maybe I need you. 

I apologize I don’t think I caught your name. 

I’m sure it’s love. 

Please tell me your name. 

Please don’t leave with her.

She doesn't see the love of spring in your laughter. 

She doesn't see how love bruised your knees, how love made your smile a fucking drug. 

I’m sorry. I don’t think I caught your name.