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Baal Earth

How can you worship a false god?

How can you worship death itself?


In your heart you know it is all a lie

and perhaps you have second thoughts?


But too far in to the darkness

you obey your master


Slave to his



Worshiping a diety

that shows no love





You exist to put on the show

and maintain the lie


a minion,

a pawn


in the chess game

of eternity











Honor your Father

Why should we

put god on the back burner?


Why forget the sacrifice he made?


The Blood he shed so that we could 

live again 


The burden of our mistakes


The gift of his grace 


Our corrupt nature 

for his perfection


We owe our lives

to him 


We are nothing without 



We are terrible 

and a disgrace 


Our sins mark us 


But he purges

and cleanses


a morality of conscience 

through the holy spirit


To honor him with our actions 

and our words


We owe it to



To honor our father


To be in the image of likeness 

of his son


and manifest the fruits of his blessing 



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Disease of



Minds that can’t be



They call it sodom

there they live


Transmitting their virus,

banished to the promised land of Hell


Effeminate nature,

riling the Righteous 


Forcing their propaganda 

into the minds of the unsaved


Attempting to justify their

evil ways


They call it Sodom

there they live


A thorn in Gods



A Wicked city,

full of reprobate minds

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Behold The Power of God


battle everyday


Evil beings hide

in plain sight


I am not



God keeps

me safe


It is they who should

be afraid


He who is most terrible


The lord of all,

the king of kings


The father

and the son

and the Holy spirit


The true god,

not the false


By the power of him

I am given life


He is my protector,

my shield,

my salvation





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Like Job

from the bible

I just keep


keep losing,


Constant desolation,

perpetual bad luck


My lot in life


My way is the hard


not the easy



My faith keeps

me going



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The Alpha and The Omega

I don't care about your other

religious texts or philosophies


The holy bible is

the law


God is the stone

and the rock


None of these things can provide you

what he can


He is the alpha

and the omega


The beginning

and the end


The Judge

and the jury


He is the moral



He is the fire

and the fury





Author's Notes/Comments: 

"13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." - Revelation 22:13-15 KJV

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My Savior



with the holy



Oh lord,

keep me on the straight

and narrow path


Help me not to be tempted

by the lies and pleasures

of the beast


Pluck out of my eye of lust

and throw it into the flame


Fill my heart with love

and not with hate


Help me to contribute to this world

in a meaningful way

and to keep me out of idleness and decay


Cast out any demons that have

oppressed my soul


Undo any evil spells that have been casted on

me by evil people


Fill me with your holy spirit,

oh lord god Jesus,


You are my ultimate love



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God you are 

the ultimate


and law


Everything you say

is true;

you are the truth


I am a disgrace to you;

I struggle to do what you

want me to


I struggle with the flesh,

I struggle with my lust


I am confused Oh lord


There is hate in my heart,

deep hatred


I try to justify it but 

I know its wrong


Oh god,

I seek guidance from you


How should I think

and how should I feel?


Fill me with your wisdom

and infinite knowledge


My heart is convicted

with guilt


I seek forgiveness from you


I am in a low place

and need your help


Oh god,

I am thankeful for your blessing


and honor your son

Jesus Christ who died for me


In Jesus name,




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No Rainbows

No rainbows,

no promises,


No mercy,

No remorse


No forgiveness,,

No love,


No water,

to put out the fire!!!!


No one to save you

from your judgement







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