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Corrupted Bloodline

The tares are in the 



The bloodline is weeded

and seeded


But not all of us are bad 


Pure bloods strike back 

with vengeance 


We come from Seth

not Cain 


But many are of the devil 

their father 


Pretending to be Christians

but deacons for demons 


Ye shall know them by their fruits 


God knows his flock


I am not a snake

I am not a cain


God is my judge


The Devil is my enemy  


I am a crusader and rebel for the truth




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Lord of Hosts

God is just,

his wrath burns against the wicked 


Those who would rape and kill for gain

with smiles on their faces 


His vengeance is unleashed against evil;

no one can escape his judgement 


He is god,

the creator and the savior


The destroyer and the



Alpha and Omega,

lord of hosts


He crushes all idols,

he uproots all sorceries 


Beginning and the end,

no one can escape him


The lord is incorruptible,

he is God


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No Remorse

Annihilation of the wicked:

let them be destroyed 


Let them burn in the fire they

have started


Merciless, callous,

dead inside 


Ravenous dogs

they hunt in packs 


Cowards, they run when 

the lightning strikes


They are similar to the ones 

who called for the execution of God's only begotten 


You cannot reason with evil,

you cannot bargain with devils


They laugh at suffering,

but they weep when pain is inflicted on them 


There is no good,

for some there is no remorse


Only Death







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Turn Away

Repent or perish 


Turn away from filth 


Turn away from sin 


Be delivered from evil

by the power of Jesus Christ 


Hate what it is wrong 


Do what is right 

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You cannot outrun vengeanice,

you cannot douse the flames


What you sow is what you reap,

this is what you get for playing stupid games 


Arrogance and pride: You think your an untouchable,

yet even pharaoh was humbled, yet even Rome was set ablaze


When you keep man a slave,

eventually the chickens come home to roost 


The fire blows up in your face,

your whole kingdom is laid to waste


Power is fleeting,

your life is a house of cards 


You cannot escape god,

eventually you will meet your maker

and face his judgement



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Workers of Iniquity

Serve two gods you



Play both sides 


You cannot be rich

and love what is dirty 


And also love god 


For money is the root of all 



And god is spotless


You cannot Stab your brother in

sectet and serve god 


You cannot serve two masters 


You cannot sin 6 days a week

and repent on a Sunday 


God sees all

your hypocrisy 



Those who are persecuted serve god 


You are not persecuted,

you are the accuser,

you are of your father the devil 


The one pointing the finger 


If you loved god you

would not try to drive your brother to madness 

and Kill him in secret


You are nothing but a judas

a traitor 


A worker of iniquity 



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Have No fellowship with Darkness

Your soul is



Be careful

not to lose it 


No money or amount of power

is worth being a slave and an agent of darkness


The easy way will only lead you

to your death 


The straight and narrow way

is the only way 


The way of Jesus


You will be targeted and hated

by the world 


They will hunt you and

persecute you


They will cast evil spells 

on you working iniquity behind your back 


But fear not for god is your ally

abide in him and continue 

to overcome 


Turn the other cheek


Have no fellowship with darkness


Dont Hate but



Continue to work

and do good things




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ephesians 5:11 KJV

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them

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Fools Gold

They rot in

their graves


As they rot

in their lies


Rotting inside


The living dead

know only pain


Plague on mankind


"certain men have crept

in unawares"


These old men will soon be

dead for good


"Ye shall know them by their 



What have they given back to 



What good have they done?


Dogs that need to be put out of

their misery 


Ravenous wolves 


You can't take your money

to hell with you


What you store up here on the 

earth will burn to ashes


And Your legacy will be nothing

but a lie


One must wonder what you had to

do to acquire your fools gold


Your just Satan's bitch 


Nothing more

nothing less


Just another soul to collect





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Persecution: Wiles of the Devil

The demons want

to destroy me and see me suffer


For my faith 


Many such I have faced a similar 

battle against evil


The sorcerers want to destroy those 

who believe in Christ 


Persecution is normal for those who 

will not join the darkness 


Throw away your sins and

cast off the heavy burden,

turn away and repent 


Be free and delivered 

from evil 


Resist the wiles of the devil


Overcome and

endure in Jesus Christ



Author's Notes/Comments: 

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

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