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Walk Away

Lost Love

If I could stay I would. 

Forever right here with you 

It breaks my heart to walk away

But it crushes my soul to stay. 

I don't want to go

I never should have fallen in love. 

No good came in the end

I lost a lover and turned my back on a friend

A part of me will always belong to you, 

A secret dream, a lost hope. 

How I wish you needed me, 

How I know we should be, 

But to stay will crush my heart, 

As slowly its killed my soul. 

It's time for goodbye. 

I can't live with the lie. 

How I wish you could have loved me too, 

But this love was one sided, 

I was nothing more than a fling. 

You dangled at my heart on a string. 

It's past time I look out for number one, 

So I'm doing this for me. 

It breaks my heart to walk away. 

But it would crush my soul to stay.