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[I felt him]

I felt him
The touch of an angel
With starry eyes
He keeps for only me
Shining like the sky
How those fingers danced
Along my spine
With grace
And those lips
Caressed my own
So gentle and sweet
Yet he strikes me with fear
My heart trembling
Does he love me?
He will not tell
So my thoughts wander
Like his tender hands
And wait
For reassuring words
Only spoken by his eyes
Instead of those lips I know

Let Not Our Eyes Be Fools


Tis true all that glitters is not gold;
But if you could only see the way her skin shines,
Or the white angels in her mouth that cast a spell when our lips do touch.
However, tis not a worry how this world may fool our eyes.
Many have known beautiful things bad,
And yet the most beautiful thing I do love.
“Hypocrite! Hypocrite!” they cry.
Nay is my reply.
I love the way she makes me feel.

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