Love or Sex?

Love or Sex?

Indeed true love uplifts the soul and the person simultaneously,

But lust is familiar with one way i.e. hell only,

If our love is progressively inclined toward love making,

Then love itself will be lost, its true worth shall remain missing.


Donne’s "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" and "The Good Morrow",

Do emphasise the philosophy of Plato,

Agreed! Even amid such a sophisticated age,

Plato and his Symposium are at work always.


While scanning Ovid’s words I sound a doubter,

That "every love’s defeated by a fresh successor",

Stronger desire in "Sonnet 151" did win over Shakespeare’s love,

For the so-called Dark Lady, his dove.


Hence none can get rid of Eros,

And Aphrodite from the hearts,

Himeros also keeps doing his job all together,

Igniting the corporal desire.


Love is a feeling so is sex,

Both being severe in temperament have the ability to earn vex,

True love seeks a spirit pure, physical beauty shouldn’t be the decisive factor,

Not a must for the lovers to go after.

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