love missing heart wind



We've been friends for a long time me and you,

But timings never been right for us to even know what to do,

For now all I get to see is a picture of your pretty face,

It always takes my heart back to a special place,

Your smile is always so pretty and sweet,

I wish God would find the time and place for our hearts to finally meet,

It always made me so happy when I got to come see you,

I always want to believe that it made you happy too,

I loved playing horse with Kyle,

That always made your pretty face smile,

I know the girls will be happy to see me,

The day that I'm going to fly to Tennessee.

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i didnt mean to stare
when i noticed the wind
blowing in your hair.
i missed you so much
my fingertips run to touch
after my hug to you
my arms still ached blue
to coversation of love
still it beats as captive dove
our good bye was soft and kind
emotion ran intertwine
the tear fell from my cheek
as i watched you cross the street
knowing then and there

how much i love the wind in your hair

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