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Demon Shadow


I'm dark to night.

My heart feels gone in to the shadows of the past.

All the rage of the forgotten and dead are here to play.

Nails of demons claw at what soul is left in the clay shell.

I am the devil's play thing, never far from the end.

I'm not in his light and to think I ever was is a lie to my soul.

Your water of purity will never clean me.


They say a story’s the best gift you can give. So here’s my gift to you. “He was stubborn,” she says, “A lot like you. Never gave up, always walked on, stayed true,”

He liked baseball. They say he just liked to watch and play it too. I like baseball too. Guess we’re a lot the same. 

I have this doll, a Bugs Bunny doll. It’s been around a while, nearly 23 years. I keep it close to my heart, hold it when I cry. Maybe because it was his. 

The brightest star in the sky is his star. I look at it when I’m alone and feeling sorry or sad. I feel like he’s there. to hold my hand. In my dad’s wallet there is a picture of him, in a suit and smiling wide, and all I can think is, why isn’t he here?

Impatience was what did it, the reason I was told from day one to look both ways and green means go and red means no. Why is the question I ask, in my heart and in my head, why couldn’t he wait?

Mom cries on his birthday. The whole family weeps the day he left. “We have to hope he’s someplace better,” my mom says. I don’t quite believe in a heaven most of the time, the only time I do is when I think of him.

I want to know my brother. Would I treat like my best friend, as I do with my older brother? Or would we have fought all the time, as I do with the younger? I cry for a boy I never knew. I wish I could have laughed and talked with him. That is what I want to do someday. I want to meet him.

My brother is gone. He left because he didn’t look. He was stubborn, had a Bugs Bunny doll, and liked baseball. Now he lies in the ground, and he hasn’t breathed in a long time. When I was little and mom cried about him, I just told her, at least in my head, “He must have friends up there, like Grandpa and Great Auntie. Or else it’d be so boring. All he’s doing is waiting, Mom. Waiting for us.”

My brother is dead. His name was Richard Andrew. He died November 7. He was six years old when he died. I wish I could have known him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my family. And all they pain they feel everyday.

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Getting your wish, losing yourself.


Well you got your wish

it came true

are you happy now?

was it all you dreamed

that it would be?

or is it another disappointment

I can see 

you hoped for better,

that he loved you,

but you gave it up

nothing left to lose

except your pride

but that will fade

you'll be left wishing

it had gonna another way

to a different boy 

in a different time

you can dream on

its gone now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes getting your wish really isn't great. Sometimes its devastating. 

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I could have been with you

            My bed is a tomb holding me down, stuck in my room not showing a frown. Lost in shadow the pain residing, far from public eye I must remain hiding.

            The daylight of morning will touch my skin, lifting me up releasing my sins, So goodbye to the past and to troubles farewell, I will be here forever for my room doubles my hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Though it is short there is a bit to wrap your mind on. Remember those first few nights without your special someone can be rough.

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