It's Spring

I woke up this morning the sky was so blue, the grass so green

covered in dew. Flowers of all sort, with beauty they bring. here

the birds sing...


HELLO. It's Spring...


Love is in the air, the feeling is everywhere holding hands, bodies 

get a rush with a sweet kiss and a tender touch, there hands 



YES, It's in the air and has a real zing, I hear wedding bells ring

What is this thing?


It's Spring...


The story untold, God's on a roll. So we can stand tall, for God

is all in all. And to Him we can cling.


Count your blessing... It's Spring. 


By *MilMan* 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up this morning (thank you Lord) heard the birds sing... It's Spring... Cool

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Lord I Look Up To You

Lord I am in a bind, for I have fallen behind, I'm in trouble and don't know what to do

so Lord Jesus I look up to you. Lord I grow weak and weary in need of rest, so I turn

to you to take away my distress. People say do this, do that, but when I do there's

aways a catch. 


go here, go there, each time I do I end up nowhere. So what do you do when you 

don't know what, you keep running in circles and stay in a rut. Your friends turn there

backs on you and that's a kick in the gut. Bad thoughts running through your head

maybe I'm better off dead, I'm starting to see red.


They say pick your self and get a grip, I'm trying everything I can not to flip, I pray to

 you Lord don't let me trip. I need guidance, I feel so blue, so again Lord Jesus I look

up to you. I've been through so much, but now my eyes have been opened because

my heart you have touched.


Doors are starting to open, faces are becoming new and I know I owe it all to you. You

are Lord, all knowing kind and true. This is why Lord Jesus I look up to you.


By *MilMam*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came from reading poem Heart ache pain betrayal and just wanting to give up

Well, Been there done that and there's a much better way to go. GOD IS GOOD and His 

Way is rock Solid. Give Him A Try...  Cool

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This Big Mess

Lord, I am in a real mess and this mess that I'm in I could use a dear friend, because this

mess that I'm in is because of worng choices and falling into sin.For many a year I lived in 

fear and shedded many a tear. You see I had these monsters on my back in the form of

cigarettes, alcohol and crack. With no help around I went down, into a hole I fell witch 

was pure hell. Life for me was really could because alcohol and crack had a very strong 



I tried to fight ny way out of that hell, but to no avail. Every time I thought I was about 

to win I got pulled back in. I didn't know what else to do then I got a tip, hey man Rehab's

for you. By feeling lost and deprived, not thinking I was going to survive, so I gave Rehab. 

a try. Things begin to look really neat, I thought being in Rehab. is going to be sweet, 

cause I will break these habits and that will be a real treat.


But the alcohol and drugs were too strong, plus I was in too deep, then the rug was snached

from under my feet. I came down hard and that's a fact, started back to smoking crack.

alcohol became my friend, and I begin to sin again. So I tried Rehab. another day and another

failure came my way. I picked my self up and tried Rehab. again, but crack and gin said we are

your onlt friends. Lord this mess that I am in, I could use a dear friend.


Now Rehab. said, just do as you are told and you wont fall back into that dreadful hole. But the 

alcohol and drugs said, we are going to make you slip, it will take God Almighty to break our grip.

Still, I kept working the stepts, trying to make a turn around, but every time I thought I was 

coming up, I got knocked back on the ground. Rehab. tried all they could, but the hooks were in 

far too deep and for me there way was just no good.


I took all I could stand, it just took a much higher power than man. So I prayed, Lord hear my plea

the next time I try, I will succeed, but instead of a smile on my face there was an ugly frown 

because the drus and alcohol had won again and knocked me back on the ground. Then, I'd had 

enough the alcohol and drugs were just too tough. I felt so alone, like the Lord had left me on my



I had lost all fight and lost all hope,I said forget it, I;m going to die by alcohol and dope. Through

all the stress and strife, I started to think about taking my own life. I though, what the heck, I 

don't care I'm not accomplishing anything, or going anywhere. So I went to buy a drink but that 

wasn't so because a strong but good feeling had taken hold and was in total control. I was lost

and confused, misunderstood and that's when the Lord showed me that He is very good.


While Rehab was saying , there is no way unless you do what we say, the alcohol and drugs will clip 

your wings unless you change people, places and things. But the Lord prouved, that's not 

true, for my children your are mine and I come into any place at any time. I will bring you 

out and you will spread your wings. For I am your Lord GOD and I can do all things.


Now I can let out a shout, I thank you Lord for taking the hooks out. With you Lord I stood

the time and passed the test and I'm no longer in that Big Mess. And I thank Lord for my life

and hope for you took away the cigerettes, alcohol and the dope. You took the urge away and

I haven't had them any more for you pulled through and you shut the door.


And I Thank You LORD Once Again, For I finally Found My Dear Friend. AMEN...


By*MilMan*   Cool   

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me after The Lord brought me through that Big Mess I was In.

Thank JESUS.   Cool

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