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One Greco-Egyptian Love Spell

Exploding Hearts

I bind you as you wished to bind me.

Not that it will do you any good.

I pin your hands and feet with iron nails

All action and movement held Under World.


I bind the tongue you lied with.

Even truthful speech will fail you.

Words catch in your throat

And gag you like you gagged me.


I bind your eyes and blind you

To all others.  None you see.

Because I will deny you

You will not see me.


I bind your heart with iron bands

Forever locked from the love you seek.

Not that I really need to,

It's not like you'll ever find it anyway.


I bind your mind to madness

That drives you to return to me

And on forever.  And I bind you

from ever reaching me.  Enjoy madness forever.


I bury my clay voodoo doll

At the base of a dirty unused well

So close to your Underworld destination

And doomed eternally to neglect.


Upon you I plant poison hemlock

To forever taint your space

As the beautiful white deadly flowers

Will let beauty always bring you to disgrace.


I'll let you choose the Underworld god 

To carry your soul to the depths

But each dark goddess will deny you

In my voice and leave you utterly bereft.



At every step and every turn

You failed to see my nature.

Each crumb of myself became a false caricature.

Such folly you embraced in underestimating me.

I am the tempest, not the temptress.

Just as you failed to notice my true beauty

You grossly underestimated my natural cruelty.

And now for your own foolish chasing,

You shall know naught but my fury for all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here's another poem so dark I almost didn't share it.  It's inspired by the Greco-Egyptian magical papyri.  It's full of love spells that sound darker than curses found in horror movies today.  An adaptation of the style of their spells sounded like the perfect vehicle to capture that mix of love, hate, anger, and pain you feel after a bad break up.  And just in case anyone is wondering, no, this isn't a spell.  It's just a poem.

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