Love happiness beauty romance true love bliss


I love everything about you

Head to toe

Every imperfection, every flaw

Please don't go


You stay with me

Through thick and thin

Your personality and looks

must be a sin


You're a wonderful creation

Perfect and sweet

Promise you won't go


That's a promise you can keep




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I tried to make this one happy

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Awaken me


The moment you smiled it brightened my life... It created a spark that woken my inner light.. Radiating and coarsing thru my very soon became a brilliant glow. Shining now thru my eyes.. Illuminating a soul that found a reason to try...  My life was dark until that day..but you have came and chased my storm clouds away. I love you more than my mere words will ever show...I love you because you are what my heart longs to know..